2048 Challenge

Quick Look: 2048 Challenge plays exactly the same as 2048 TV. The only difference is that this version has music playing, and you don't have the "sliding" sound of the tiles.

As with 2048 TV, the object of the game is to match up "like" tiles and then merge them together creating a new number. The numbers start out with 2 number "2s", merge them to make a "4", merge 2 more "2's" make a "4", merge the "4"s" together make an "8", so on and so forth. Every time you move a new number "2" or "4" is added to the mix, making movement on the grid more difficult. When you press the directional arrow the entire row or column shifts so other numbers are changing as well. There is definitely a strategy to the game, so you need to think a move or two ahead. Score is kept by adding the 2 "merged" numbers together. The goal of the game is to get a tile to read 2048 - not as easy as it sounds.

-- Information is current as of November 11, 2014

Developer's Channel Description: 2048 Challenge, the most relaxing and easy way to play 2048 on your TV today. Slide matching tiles together. When two matching tiles touch they will merge into one tile. Make a 2048 tile to win!

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DEVELOPER:Cobra Mobile Limited

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