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Thanksgiving Dinner Tips on Roku

November 23, 2011 - 17:50 -- RokuGuide

Thanksgiving RokuHopefully, your Thanksgiving dinner is planned, your food shopping is done, and your turkey is thawing in the fridge. But if you're having some last-minute nervousness about pulling it all together, here are some Roku videos that will point you in the right direction.

For an updated version of this article, please read "Roku Channels for Last-Minute Help With Your Thanksgiving Meal."

ChowUnder the Chow channel's Your Doing It All Wrong (YDIAW) series, pastry chef Boris Portnoy shows you how to make a pumpkin pie using canned pumpkin pie mix and freezer-burned pie crust. If you want your dessert a little more home-made, Roxanne Weber will teach you the right way to make a pie crust, and she will also demonstrate the wrongs and rights of Thanksgiving turkey. And don't worry if you've overcooked the sweet potatoes - under the Chow Tips series, you'll find out how to deal with burnt marshmallows on a sweet potato casserole. While you're watching the Chow tips, better check out the video on how to reheat all of those cold leftover mashed potatoes the day after Thanksgiving.

ChowIs a full turkey too much for you? On AOL HD, Curtis Stone offers up his secrets for making turkey breast with a savory stuffing. If you're ahead of schedule on cooking and want to make a centerpiece for the Thanksgiving dinner table, Kelly Edwards has a video on how to put together attractive seasonal centerpieces. And if apple and pumpkin pies don't fit into your diet, there's a video on healthy desserts under the Healthy Kitchen series. These videos, and many more, can be found under the Home category on AOL HD.

ChowBefore you carve your turkey make sure your knife is sharp by watching the knife sharpening video on home. You'll find it in the Anodized Chef series under the Food & Leisure category. This category also carries the Barbeque Tricks series, where you'll find a video on the proper way to carve a turkey, whether it's been smoked, roasted, or barbequed.

If things are going smoothly and you don't need any cooking help, then just sit back and browse the hundreds of other channels available on your Roku. Above all, have a Happy Thanksgiving!