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Q&A: Roku Questions & Answers

You have questions, we have answers! We answer questions from Roku users about Roku devices, channels, and content. Send us yours using our contact form.

Q and A: How can I watch the Olympics on Roku?

2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympic GamesQ: I canceled my cable television subscription and now I find that much of the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympic Games coverage is on cable channels. How can I watch the Olympics on Roku without a cable subscription?

Q&A: Looking for Pac-12 Football on Roku

ScreenshotQ: Can I get Pac-12 football on Roku?

Q&A: Why can't I get full episodes of shows on the PBS Roku channel?

ScreenshotQ: We can no longer get full programs on the Roku PBS channel. They did something to change my access to full episodes and now I get mostly previews. - Diane

Q and A: Religious Channels

Q: Roku keeps adding more religious channels. There are already too many religious channels and I want more free movies and free television shows. Why is Roku adding so many religious channels?

Q and A: How Can I Find AMC Shows on Roku?

AMC TVQ: I just received a free Roku from Dish Network because I complained that they dropped AMC. I have it set up and operating, but I can't find an AMC channel. Dish told me that I could watch The Walking Dead and Mad Men on the Roku, but how do I find those shows? - Jon P.

Q&A: How to Activate Roku Screensavers

Q: I bought the Onion Headline Screensaver through the Channel Store. It doesn't display. I just get the Roku bouncing cursor. It's only $.99 but I still think I should get something for my money. -Ed

Q&A: PBS Stations on Roku

Q: I just bought a Roku and I'm waiting for my grandson to hook it up for me. Can I stream my local PBS stations (New York Channels 21 & 13) through the Roku to my TV or do I still have to watch the programs on my computer? -Nancy