The Harris Brothers’s World Of Wow! Debuts on Network

August 26, 2014 - 21:39 -- RokuGuide

The Harris Brothers’s World Of Wow!Fans of the A&E hit series Storage Wars will recognize Mark and Matt Harris, experts in Hollywood memorabilia who are frequently consulted for appraisals. The identical twins are regular cast members of Storage Wars and have become famous pop culture icons. Mark and Matt Harris have a new television series, The Harris Brothers’s World Of Wow!, where the twins will take viewers on journeys where they search for the wow factor – people, places and things that will simply make you say, “Wow!” The show is available on-demand on the Network Roku channel. NetworkIn the debut episode of The World of Wow!, Mark and Matt explore intriguing buildings and architecture in the Los Angeles area. Included are the famous Randy’s Donuts (decked with the giant donut on top that has been seen in numerous movies), a house that is completely round, a restaurant built to look like the Titanic, the Cinerama dome theatre, the Disney Concert Hall, and more.

Other episodes venture into subjects such as the world’s largest solar power plant located near Las Vegas, people whose jobs require them to climb to ridiculously high places, people who marry inanimate objects, the Zombie Mud Run, and many more.

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