Watch a Gigantic, Flying, Fire-Breathing Turtle Marathon on IronFist TV

September 1, 2014 - 19:57 -- RokuGuide

Gamela Marathon on IronFist TV B-movie fans should set aside a long afternoon or sleepless night for a marathon session of Gamera movies - horror/sci-fi adventures featuring a gigantic flying, fire-breathing turtle that feeds on petroleum-based material. IronFist TV is currently offering the first four films for free on their Roku channel.

The film fest kicks off with Gamera - The Giant Monster (Daikaijû Gamera) (1965), where a nuclear explosion unleashes Gamera, the legendary flying turtle, from his sleep. Gamera wreaks havoc over the entire world, and it's up to the scientists, assisted by a young boy with a strange sympathic link to the monster, to put a stop to Gamera's rampage.[1]

Next up is Gamera vs. Barugon (Daikaijû kettô: Gamera tai Barugon) (1966), in which a new monster is spawned from Earth's pollution. Hedorah, the smog monster, destroys Japan and fights Godzilla while spewing his poisonous gas to further the damage.[2]

GameraGamera vs. Gyaos (Daikaijû kûchûsen: Gamera tai Gyaosu) (1967) is next. A gigantic bat emerges from a volcano to terrorize Japan and only one thing can stop it...Gamera![3]

Finally, it's Gamera vs. Viras (Gamera tai uchu kaijû Bairasu) (1968), where Gamera the Flying Turtle falls under the spell of evil aliens, but two children free him and he returns to fight the aliens' monster, Viras.[4]

The films are shown with English subtitles. All are ad-supported, but you can view these movies ad-free, and watch the entire IronFist TV library of martial arts films and TV shows from the 1960s, 70s, 80s and 90s, by subscribing to for $4.99 per month. Click here for more information on the IronFist TV Roku channel, and click here for more of What's on Roku