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A grab bag of content that includes a wide range of video subject matter

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Channel Description: The revoluTVion Roku channel offers a live video stream in addition to a video-on-demand collection that includes content in nearly a dozen categories:

  • Animated
  • Chill
  • Film
  • Events
  • Featured
  • Learning revoluTVion
  • Web Hits
  • Music rev
  • Ask a Slave
  • My Gimpy Life
  • Sample Videos

revoluTVion, as both a Roku channel and a service on additional devices, seems to be a work in progress as some of the videos are labeled as demo and website, which is supposed to provide a programming schedule, is a parked domain with no related content.

The content that is available is an eclectic mix of videos. The "Featured" category, for example, includes an interview with Henry Winkler on Kevin Pollack's Chat Show, a discussion on treating aortic aneurysms, CPAP tips from the FDA, and the Dolce Gabbana Winter 2015 Women's Fashion Show.

The video quality of this grab bag of content is high, but it's unknown whether this is the future of revoluTVion or whether these are all demo videos.

FEES: None

revoluTVion Website