ZPTV Direct

Quick Look: ZPTV Direct appears to carry much of the same content as the ZPTV Entertainment channel also available on Roku. When launching the channel you are prompted to Subscribe, Login, or View as a Guest. Subscribing to the channel is not necessary to see a majority of the content, but if you do subscribe you will get commercial-free viewing, exclusive content, viewing history, and a first look at new releases.

Current content consists of the following:

  • Don't Call if Frisco
  • Jaded
  • She's Still on that Freakin Island
  • The Golden Rage of TV
  • Kaplan's Korner
  • Actors Comedy Studio
  • Lord Blood Rah's Newve Wrackin Theatre
  • Movie Trailers - Mama Mia, The Incredibles 2, Mission Impossible, Eigth Grade
  • Public Domain Movies - A Star is Born, Godzilla, Nosferatu, A Farewell to Arms and Jack and the Beanstalk

In addition to the content listed above there are a few independent films available. None of the content is categorized making locating a specific video a little difficult.

-- Information is current as of April 5, 2019

Roku Channel Store Description: Watch independent films, classic movies, and original television series not seen anywhere else like "Ryan and Sean's Not So Excellent Adventure", "Actors Comedy Studio", and San Francisco's new dating drama series called "Jaded". You can find artistic, dicey and thought provoking programs as well as pointless entertainment. We take risks. We've removed common barriers. In short, we give you everything from A to Z no matter what the critics say. ZPTV is not status quo. We're just pure enjoyment. * Viewer activity may be sampled for audience measurement. Developed by Zemrak/Pirkle LLC. and Chad Caines.

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DEVELOPER: Zemrak Pirkle Productions, LLC

FEES: Basic version of this channel is free with limited content. Subscriptions are $1.99/month or $19.99/year.