Quick Look: Zoovio is a tape-to-digital video conversion service that will transfer your old VHS recordings to a digital format, which is available through the Zoovio website and this Roku channel. However, a free Zoovio account will also allow you to upload your own videos, photos, and music to your personal "vault", and then stream those media files to your Roku-connected TV. There is no charge for the storage and streaming service, but there is a 200 MB limit per file. Supported video formats are listed at www.zoovio.com/support/1.

No further information is available regarding file storage limits, times, etc. The website's Terms of Service link returns you to the home page (even though you must agree to the TOS when you establish an account). However, I successfully uploaded a 10 MB mpeg file that was I was able to watch on Roku within a few minutes of uploading.

-- Information is current as of August 3, 2012

Developer's Channel Description: Watch your video tape and digital video collection on your TV, the way it was intended.

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