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Quick Look: A paid subscription and linking of your Roku are required in order to access any content on this channel. The website lists the following content as being available to paid subscribers:

  • Over 200 mp3 recordings of Worldview Weekend keynote presentations by nationally known speakers
  • 1,000 mp3 recordings of Worldview Weekend Radio with Brannon Howse (Every program since September, 2007).
  • Many of the Worldview Weekend Hour TV programs on demand
  • Over 100 Worldview Weekend DVDs on Demand

There is no indicition as to whether all of these are available on the Roku channel.

Video topics include the following:

  • The dangers of the Emergent Church
  • Why evil and injustice do not negate the reality of a good God
  • Why the Bible can be trusted
  • Why Darwinian evolution is a lie
  • The liberal myth of "separation of church and state" as defined by the ACLU
  • The authenticity of Jesus' resurrection
  • What the fossil record really reveals
  • The myth of global warming

Developer's Channel Description: The Worldview Weekend Situation Room is the World's Premier Biblical Worldview, Web-Based, Radio, and Television Network.

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FEES: $59.95 per year. Purchase here online.

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