Woodie Puzzle

Quick Look: Woodie Puzzle is a slow-motion version of the popular video game Tetris where the object is to place various shaped tiles to create either solid vertical or horizontal lines on a 10x10 grid to collect points.

Each turn starts out with 3 random shapes of tiles. Click the OK button on your remote to highlight or select your tile, and use your remote arrow keys to place it on the grid. Continue doing this until you can create either a solid row or a vertical column of tiles which will disappear and generate points.

Each tile is worth 1 point. For every full row or column that you clean you will get 13 points. Cleaning two or more rows/columns will yield additional bonus points.

The game continues until you no longer have any moves left based on the available tiles remaining in your queue.
High scores are kept so you will always have a new goal to aim for.

Screenshots of the game are shown below.

-- Information is current as of November 18, 2021

Developer's Channel Description: Woodie puzzle is the perfect block puzzle game to help you relax, de-stress or simply challenge yourself. The 10x10 wooden jigsaw works your brain as you place blocks on the board to complete vertical or horizontal lines to clear up the board. It is easy to play but difficult to break your score record.

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DEVELOPER: Ebic Limited

FEES: None