Waterfall Relaxation Channel

Quick Look: Waterfall Relaxation Channel starts out with several ads and eventually transitions into a series of what the developer wants you to believe is a majestic waterfall cascading over boulders and splashing into the pool below. In actuality it sounds more like water rushing down a downspout during a heavy rainstorm and splashing onto the street.

In addition to the poor audio, all of the "waterfalls" sound identical with the only difference being the screen:

  • Waterfall Bliss - 3 hours
  • Waterfall Gorgeous! - 3 hours
  • Waterfall Paradise - 3 hours
  • Waterfall Edge - 3 hours

If you tire of seeing the same image for three hours you can change the scene on your screen by using the up arrow on your Roku remote.

The developer's description states that this channel works like a screensaver, but it does not. Unlike a screensaver, this channel must be manually started, and it cannot be selected as your Roku's default screensaver.

-- Information is current as of August 11, 2016

Developer's Channel Description: Enjoy the roar from a beautiful waterfall! Relax to long running waterfall sounds set to stunning photographs to enhance your TV and your home! This channel works like a screensaver with gorgeous photos that are simply works of art! Soothe your soul!

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DEVELOPER: Evonne Mandella

FEES: None