Quick Look: WaterBear is home to a collection of "shorts & documentaries dedicated to the future of our planet." This channel provides over 1,000 documentary-style videos that discuss subjects like climate action, biodiversity, sustainability, and community.

The WaterBear project has partnered with over 140 national and international charities such as the Jane Goodall Institute, Sea Shepherd and Greenpeace and worked with nearly 200 different countries to create these films. Films range in duration from as short as 3 minutes to full-length features lasting nearly 2 hours, although the majority are 10 minutes or less. In addition to the films there are also series discussing conservation, wildlife, environmental issues and more.

There are 27 categories of content with titles, with titles such as these:

  • Reduce, Re-use and Recycle: Big Litter Ocean, A Meatless Future and Shade Grown Coffee
  • Culture and Community: Heartbeats of Fiji, The Burden of Inheritance and Being with Refugees
  • Coexistence: Wildlife and the Wall, The Fight for Flight and Pursuing the Monarchs
  • Where the Wild Things Are: Person of the Forest, A Wolf's Journey and Lions of West Texas
  • Climate Solutions: Murder at Sea, Plastic Warriors and Fish Wars
  • Science and Nature: A Voice for Whales, Touching the Dragon and Citizens of the Great Barrier Reef

You can create watch lists making it easier to find specific content. The channel is free to add, but you must create an account on the WaterBear website, which involves little more than email and password. The WaterBear YouTube channel contains trailers for many of their full-length videos, including the one below.

-- Information is current as of December 30, 2021

Developer's Channel Description: Watch shorts & documentaries dedicated to the future of our planet. WaterBear features award-winning shorts and documentaries, a global network of over 140 charity partners and empowers members to take direct action. What you'll love about WaterBear:

-Award-winning documentaries, WaterBear Originals, NGO stories, shorts and much more

-Films from partners spanning global and grassroots organizations such as GreenPeace, Sea Shepherd, Conservation International, Women for Oceans and Rewilding Europe

-To dive deeper, download the WaterBear app to check out features that enable members to engage with organizations working on the front line. While watching content, members can immediately take action by donating, sharing, volunteering and much more

We add new documentaries and shorts, partners and NGO's every week! Browse our app to find out more today!

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