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Watch & cook is only partially about cooking, and is not at all related to the Roku channel store description that promises "simple recipes from skilled housewives." Instead, the channel is mostly about fitness and mental health, and many of the food and cooking videos are about veganism. The videos are sourced from the Goodful YouTube Channel, which focuses on "all your healthy self care needs, from food to fitness and everything in between!" Videos include the following:

  • Fitness - Examples include "10 Minute Yoga for Back Pain" and "10 Ways You're Working Out Wrong"
  • DIY or Buy - "Making That $498 Anthropologie Hand Lamp for $50", "Making That $5,000 Melting Disco Ball for $46"
  • Food Challenges - "Can a Vegan Egg McMuffin Fool an Ex-McDonald's Employee?", "Can I fool My Family With Vegan Salvadoran Dishes?"
  • Health - "Morning Wellness Routine", "We Tried Creating Sustainable Habits"
  • Make It Vegan - "Vegans and Lactose Intolerant People Try Lab-Grown Dairy", "Can Vegan Ice Cream Satisfy an Ice Cream Lover?"
  • Meditation - "10-Minute Meditation for Anxiety", "15-Minute Meditation for Self Love"
  • Professional Meal Prepper - "I Get Paid to Meal Prep Professionally", "I Get Paid to Meal Prep for a Family of 7"
  • Spotlight - "Does Canada Control American Waters?", "We Created an Art and Wellness Movement for Black Lives"

An example video from Goodful can be seen below.

-- Information is current as of April 27, 2023

CHANNEL STORE DESCRIPTION: Everyone can cook! Enjoy simple recipes from skilled housewives!

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