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War Games with Miniatures

War Games with Miniatures Quick Look: I spent many childhood hours lining up green plastic army men (I don't think we ever called them soldiers) on our living room furniture and fighting imaginary battles. In reviewing this channel, I was surprised to learn that, while kids today are playing their computer games, adults have taken the green-army-man concept to a whole new level.

Those 54mm green army men have been joined by a worldwide collection of historical military figures. As the previous link shows, you'll find figures from the American Civil War Battle of Appomattox and the American Revolutionary War Battle of Yorktown, Plains Indian Figures, British Infantry figures, and German and Japanese soldiers. And, of course, the battles have moved beyond the living room coffee table and sofa, with realistic terrain models.

The "War Games with Miniatures" Roku channel features video and audio for serious gamers and modelers. Topics cover specific brands and series of miniatures and terrains, modifications, and gaming tips. Titles include How to and tips for assembling the BA-6 Armored Car, 54mm ACW Cannon Modification, and Tools for broadcasting a miniatures game.

-- Information is current as of June 28, 2013

Developer's Channel Description: From Ancient times through the American Civil War and World War 2, this series covers tutorials and interviews with gamers about the military miniatures hobby, tactics and rules discussions, building models and terrain and more.

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DEVELOPER: Imagine Image Multimedia


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