VTV - The Breakout

Quick Look: VTV - The Breakout plays nearly identically to the "Breakout" arcade video game released by Atari in 1976. The game does have a few differences in graphics and available levels, but the object of the game is the same, which is to knock out bricks using a ball and paddle that you control with the left and right arrow keys on your remote. You are awarded points for every brick knocked out; each brick color is worth a different point value, with some bricks needing to be be hit twice to be eliminated.

The game has 20 levels of increasing difficulty, with paddle size shrinking and ball speed increasing. Each player has 3 lives to clear all 20 levels. The channel has a "High Scores" board as well as a list of rule on how to play the game.

A screen shot of VTV - The Breakout can be seen below.

-- Information is current as of October 2, 2019

Roku Channel Store Description: V.TV makes Free Games Great Again.

It’s finally easy to Take a Break from reality, lean back and Enjoy.

Come play with the classic game The Breakout.

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