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Quick Look: VTV - FREE Movies contains a small collection of independent and foreign films with a total of 35 titles currently available - far short of the "hundreds" of movies in numerous genres promised by the Roku channel store description. VTV - FREE Movies does, however, have some good selections, including titles such as Desert Son, a 2010 drama/suspense film about a high school boy who is abandoned in the desert by his abusive stepfather until a beautiful orphan named Lucy and her boyfriend Jack come to his rescue; Shadow Puppets, a 2007 horror/suspense movie about eight strangers hidden in a shadowy prison who try to escape a twisted, murderous brainwashing scheme; and Dirty Pictures, and 2010 documentary that follows the lifework of Alexander Sasha Shulgin, the scientist behind hundreds of psychedelic compounds such as Ecstasy and one of the greatest chemists of the 20th century whose wide array of discoveries have had a deep impact in psychedelic research.

-- Information is current as of March 12, 2020

Roku Channel Store Description: Watch hundreds of great movies On-Demand: Romance comedies, Thrillers, Actions, Drama and many other videos that will perfectly fill your need to clear your mind for a bit.

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