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Vins Á Vous

Quick Look: Vins Á Vous has just three videos: An introductory video that runs for under one minute, a 1-minute video on sparkling wine vs. champagne, and a nearly 2-minute video on the meaning of "traditional method" when talking about champagne.

We were unable to locate these videos elsewhere online, but they appear to be test videos like you might see from "The Next Food Network Star" early-season episodes. The host spends a lot of time looking between the camera and the cue cards, and waiting to see if the camera is recording before speaking.

-- Information is current as of January 7, 2019

Developer's Channel Description: Vins Á Vous means Wines To You! An education about Champagne and Sparkling Wines all across Europe!

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FEES: None

RELATED LINKS: Vins Á Vous Website - Page was "parked" with no related content at the time of our review