Video Poker Fortune

Quick Look: Video Poker Fortune is a video poker game similar to what you might find in a casino. The game is your basic 5 card draw where you wager your bet and 5 cards are dealt. Highlight the ones you want to keep and the rest will be replaced with new cards. The game is very simple: You can wager bets for as little as 500 coins, up to 20,000 if you are feeling lucky. A complete list of rules is available by pressing the play/pause button. Payout ratios can be found by pressing the fast-forward button on your remote. The minimum winning hand is Jacks or better, which pays out at a 1X factor, while the Royal Flush is a 250X factor.

You start out with 9,000 coins and an additional 1,000 coins will be deposited into your account every 24 hours as long as you open the channel each day. You can also collect additional coins every hour by clicking on the icon in the far right corner or by watching a brief commercial. If by chance you run out of coins you can purchase more in groups of 10,000 ($5.00), 45,000 ($15.00), and or 110,00 ($30.00).

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-- Information is current as of October 1,2020

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