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VersusMedia Music Videos

Quick Look: VersusMedia Website is a platform allowing up and coming musicians a place to be seen and heard. The VersusMedia Music Videos Roku channel is a collection of professionally-produced music videos from rising stars in several different genres of music:

  • Singer/Songwriter (53 Videos)
  • Rock (52 Videos)
  • Pop (53 Videos)
  • Alternative (48 Videos)
  • Hip Hop (10 videos)
  • Electronica (22 videos)

Below is a video found under the Singer/Songwriter heading.

-- Information is current as of December 8, 2016

Developer's Channel Description: Since 2001, VersusMedia has been helping independent filmmakers and musicians work together. This channel contains music videos by indie musicians from around the world.…

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DEVELOPER: VersusMedia

FEES: None

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