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Veritas Radio Network

Quick Look: Veritas Radio Network offers both a live audio stream and on demand content from past shows. The channel seeks to uncover the truth and make the public aware of what is really happening through the series of shows listed below:

  • The Mike Church Show
  • The Mark Kreslins Show
  • The True Money Show
  • The Constitution Hour
  • My Story of America
  • Reverse Deception
  • Reconquest
  • Kurt Wallace's The Flow
  • Steve Cunningham's Sermon Sundays
  • The Suzanne Option

The on demand content states that each episode os only a "free preview" and you can download the remainder of the episode with a Founders Pass Membership for $7.99/month; however this does not affect or enhance your accessing of content on Roku.

-- Information is current as of July 21, 2016

Developer's Channel Description: Listen live to the Veritas Radio Network and preview selections of the great original programming on the Veritas Radio Network. If you like what you hear, consider purchasing a Founders Pass membership today at

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DEVELOPER: John Zelenky

FEES: None

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