Quick Look: Veely is a free streaming service with several live video streams, similar to Pluto but with only seven streams and a much smaller selection of shows, which are also available on demand. Content is primarily documentary and reality shows. The live streams and shows include the following:

  • Real Stories - Shows include 2000 Tattoos But Don't Judge, Hidden and Homeless, and All Creatures Great and Stuffed.
  • Real Crime - Includes Death Unexplained, Sorry I Shot You, and Murder Maps.
  • Real Life - Includes Kids on Pills, The Seven Ages of Pregnancy, and Designer Darlings.
  • Real Wild - Includes Puffin Patrol, Lodging with Lions, and A Year in the Wild.
  • Don't Tell the Bride - Includes three series of the same name featuring brides in Ireland, UK, and Australia.
  • Timeline - Includes Lives in the House of Windsor, Nixon in the Den, and Sodom and Gomorrah/Lost Ark of the Covenant.
  • Wonder - Includes Space Shuttle: The Human Time Bomb, Unlocking Evolution, and Backyard Inventors.

The channel includes a guide with the next 72 hours of programming for the live streams.

-- Information is current as of July 29, 2021

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DEVELOPER: Simplestream

FEES: None