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U.S. Weed Channel

U.S. Weed Channel Quick Look: The U.S. Weed channel was designed to educate and inform the general public about cannabis. The basic channel is free to view; however, for a monthly contribution of $4.20 you are granted membership into Be A Bud Club, which entitles members to specials, discounts, and cool stuff.

The channel has many different feeds from cooking shows and news updates to music videos and more:

  • 420 News - Discusses the relevance of cannabis in society today, from legalization to drug testing in the NFL.
  • Happy Farmers - The non-scientific cultivation series hosted by Ben & Neb. Join them as they discuss the factors involved in a successful harvest from soil preparation to watering and fertilization practices.
  • Comfort Cannabis Cookery - Hosted by Keiko Beatie, watch and learn new and tasty ways to cook with cannabis from making a basic "BUDDER" to taffy and fruit chews.
  • 420 Honeys - Watch the parody as beautiful women join Weed Channel founder Shane Doulle at the Beehive and participate in the festivities.
  • Canna Education - A short video designed to inform the public about cannabis and trying to legalize it.
  • Canna Medication - A brief documentary about the medical benefits of cannabis.
  • Weed Radio - A nationwide talk show hosted by Larry Love discussing the latest news about cannabis.
  • Short Rips - Short films from the USWC film festival.

-- Information is current as of May 23, 2014

Developer's Channel Description: The United States Weed Channel is a network of Internet video streaming content created to entertain and educate the general public about Cannabis.

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DEVELOPER: The United States Weed Channel, Inc.

FEES: None

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