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UpDog Games

Quick Look: UpDog Games is an introduction to the worldwide association better known as the Updog Challenge. The objective of this "club" is to encourage interaction between you and your dog through athletic endeavors and playing games, which include:

  • Frizgility - A blend of disc tosses and agility obstacles for human and canine to navigate
  • Throw N Go - 1 disc to throw or roll and catch to get as many points as possible. An accurate throw gets double the points.
  • 4WayPlay - You and your dog tackle 4 discs, 4 scoring zones and 1 Sweet Spot
  • Spaced Out - 1 Dice, 3 discs, 4 scoring zones and 5 Throwing zones
  • Freestyle Showcase - A timed free flowing routine of creative throws, catches and tricks with 1 dog, 1 handler and 8 discs.
  • FunKey - Another agility crossover game. This one combines Frizgility with 4WayPlay to really challenge your multitasking skills.

This channel contains videos from various events around the world and includes many of the games listed above. For further information about this club visit their website at the link above. For additional videos visit the Updog Challenge YouTube channel. Below is one of the many videos currently available.

-- Information is current as of January 7, 2021

Developer's Channel Description: UpDog Challenge disc dog game rounds produced by Pawsitive Vybe for instructional and entertainment purposes.

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DEVELOPER: Pawsitive Vybe

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