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unVALEd Network

Quick Look: unVALEd Network is a YouTube-based prank channel hosted by comedian and prankster Jack Vale. The short videos feature unsuspecting people in a variety of uncomfortable situations. Titles include "Colonoscopy Doc Prank", "Force Feeding People Candy", "Prank Calls", and "Pooter Series (aka Public Farting)". The videos are separated into 5 basic categories with each menu selection having many more related videos under that particular heading.

The videos are PG and may not be appropriate for all ages. The unVALEd YouTube channel contains additional content, including the video below.

-- Information is current as of April 30, 2021

Developer's Channel Description: The unVALEd Network is a comedy channel and multi-platform network founded by comedian and prankster Jack Vale. Get ready to laugh with hilarious pranks, bloopers, original shorts, and feel-good shows. The unVALEd Network is full of seriously funny, binge-worthy videos that will fill your life with laughter and positivity. Jack’s groundbreaking network transforms his 200 million+ monthly video views on his social media and delivers it to video-on-demand, streaming, and mobile devices. Have our daily dose of humor. Available everywhere. Directly from Jack Vale and his crew of comedic influencers.

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