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Unofficial SomaFM Player

Quick Look: The Unofficial SomaFM Player was "made with a group of audio addicts," but those audio addicts must not have known that another SomaFM channel has been on Roku since December 2010. And the original SomaFM Roku channel is a much better version, offering the ability to create a "favorites" list, showing the "most popular now" music streams, displays of the current and last 5 tracks for each stream, and even a sleep timer.

The channel offers the same music streams as the original, covering the following genres (see our review of the original SomaFM channel for a listing of individual streams):

  • Electronica - 12 streams
  • Alternative - 6 streams
  • Ambient - 5 streams
  • Holiday - 4 streams
  • Rock - 3 streams
  • World - 2 streams
  • Specials - 2 streams
  • Lounge - 2 streams
  • Eclectic - 2 streams
  • Celtic - 1 stream
  • Oldies - 1 stream
  • Americana - 1 stream
  • Seventies - 1 stream
  • Jazz - 1 stream
  • Folk - 1 stream
  • News - 1 stream
  • Metal - 1 stream
  • Hiphop - 1 stream

We recommend the original SomaFM if you care about the bells and whistles listed above. If you just want to listen to the music, then either channel will fill your needs.

-- Information is current as of January 5, 2018

Developer's Channel Description: Unofficial player for SomaFM's online curated radio stations, made with love for SomaFM by a group of audio addicts. If you value SomaFM and the stations they provide, please consider supporting them. For more information see

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DEVELOPER: Shifting Technologies LLC

FEES: None

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