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Undisputed Champion Network

Quick Look: Undisputed Champion Network (UCN) features a variety of boxing content including interviews with the fighters, weigh-ins, press conferences, fight prelims, and analysis. Videos are available in the following categories:

  • 10 Count - Episodes of the original UCN YouTube series that features UCN's Steve Kim, RingTV's Doug Fischer, LA Sentinel's Ken Miller, and NBC Sports Radio Host Dave Smith previewing upcoming fights, discussing the most recent matches, and reacting to the latest news in boxing.
  • Original Series - Episodes of 10 Count (see above), Gloves Off, Golovkin Censored, and other boxing series.
  • Interviews - Exclusive interviews with boxers and others in the boxing industry.
  • Films - Six titles currently available, including three documentaries and three UCN films.
  • Classic Fights - We didn't see any actual fights in this category, but you'll find over a dozen videos covering fight preparation, epilogues, weigh-in highlights, press conferences, and other pre- and post-fight activities.

The channel has a "Live" option, but the only event listed at the time of our review was a press conference that occurred in June of 2017.

Below is an example of the videos found on this channel.

-- Information is current as of January 18, 2018

Developer's Channel Description: Step into the ring with UCN, your unlimited news app filling you in on the latest and greatest in boxing around the world.

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DEVELOPER: TV4 Entertainment, Inc

FEES: None

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