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Quick Look: Here is how Uinterview works: The Uinterview website identifies a celebrity who is next to be interviewed. You can submit a question that you would to be asked of that celebrity. Uinterview editors pick the best questions and ask them during the interview. That interview is then made available on the Uinterview website and on the Uinterview Roku channel.

The Uinterview channel currently (April 2012) contains close to 100 celebrity interviews, along with a few other video clips made for Uinterview. The channel is very basic. There is no search function, no "new interviews" category, and you have to scroll left and right through all of the interviews to find a celebrity you want to watch. A short commercial will play at the beginning of each interview.

I can't say much about the content or quality of those interviews, as the first one I tried to play didn't fully load, and then caused my Roku to reboot. That is only the second spontaneous reboot I've every experienced in the several months I've owned my Roku 2.

Developer's Channel Description: Uinterview is the only site on the web where celebrities answer their fans' video questions every day.

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