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Trivia Sports Genius

Quick Look: Trivia Sports Genius is one of the better trivia channels on Roku, if you are well versed in Southeast Asian sports. Many of the questions involve cricket, badminton and soccer (or football as they refer to it).

The channel does not start out with the same question every time the channel is launched, like many other sports trivia Roku games do, but you will find the questions start to repeat themselves after playing several games. When the question is presented you are given 25 seconds to answer by selecting from four possible multiple choice answers. Answering correctly gets 1 point, but you are not penalized for wrong answers. The game ends when you decide to quit; it will not tally or record your scores so every game is essentially a new game.

-- Information is current as of August 7, 2019

Roku Channel Store Description: Trivia Sports Genius is multiple options quiz game for Unlocking knowledge at the speed of thought.

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