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Trend Max

Quick Look: Trend Max is a YouTube-based channel that is known for its Top 10 lists that cover most every imaginable topic. Following are just a few of the many categories and topics covered on this channel:

  • Animals - Oldest Dogs in the World, Smallest Breed, Most Aggressive Spiders and Largest Insects
  • Movies and TV Series - Game of Thrones Endings, Best Action Movies, Most Expensive Cars of Celbs
  • You Won't Believe - Strongest Kids, Rare and Amazing Flowers, Reincarnation Stories
  • The Best - Most Expensive Cars, Most Amazing Zoos, Best Smartphones
  • The Biggest - Largest Candy bar, Biggest Cities, Biggest Cow
  • Things You Didn't Know - Best Paying Jobs, Coolest Camouflaged Animals and Insects and Disturbing Messages in Disney Movies
  • Disney - Frozen 2 Secrets, Funniest Pictures Taken in Disneyland, Hidden Images
  • Famous people and Celebrities - Animals That Look Like Celebs, Highest Paid Actors, Best Rock Vocalists
  • Dogs - Best Toys, Most Kid Friendly, Most Popular Breeds
  • Cars and Other Vehicles - Biggest Cars, Most Expensive Motorcycles, Most Expensive Electric Bikes
  • The Rarest - Transparent Animals, Most expensive Pokeman Cards, Immortal Animals
  • Most Expensive - Dog Houses, Homes in the US, Watches
  • Most Dangerous - Animals in the Sea, Hottest Sauces, Dogs, Spiders, Big Cats
  • Halloween - Best Psychological Horrors, Demon Toys, Halloween Costumes
  • Cutest - Bunnies, Cats, Insects, Dogs
  • Video Games - Richest YouTubers, Best Fortnite, Best Xbox Games, Best Gaming Monitors, PC Games

An example of the videos available on Trend Max can be streamed below.

-- Information is current as of July 24, 2020

Roku Channel Store Description: Hi, welcome to Trend Max. In this channel you will find amazing top 10 and list videos about everything. For example: Top 10 most expensive cars, top 10 biggest sharks in the world, etc. Get funny!!!

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