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Travel Through History

Quick Look: Travel Through History is a rather interesting channel that offers in-depth looks at many U.S. cities and several international destinations. The videos are a combination of history, culture and fun facts about many locales, including San Diego, Boise, Key West, Niagara Falls/Buffalo, Oslo, Norway, Dublin, Ireland, Austin and Denver (to name just a few).

The videos offer interviews with local historians, business owners and residents of each city, providing information you may not get from your typical travel channel. You will learn a little about the history of the city, who established it, some favorite local information (festivals, monuments, parks, etc.) and fun things to do while visiting.

Each video is 21 minutes long and we didn't encounter any commercials in the videos we reviewed.

-- Information is current as of August 4, 2016

Developer's Channel Description: Every city has a story. TTH tells those stories by spanning the globe and giving you a unique take on what makes your city special

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DEVELOPER: Future Today Inc


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