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Travel Enthusiast TV

Quick Look: Travel Enthusiast TV is a collection of YouTube videos featuring travel adventures from around the world. All of the videos are sourced from various YouTube channels, none of which are identified. Video categories include:

  • Aviation Tours: Helicopter Tours of Hawaii, Auckland NZ, Punta Cana, Vegas, NYC, Seattle and more
  • Camping: 100 camping videos from around the world. Including winter camping, solo camping, beach camping and wilderness camping
  • Famous Places, Waterfalls and Rivers: 100 videos featuring some of the most spectacular waterfalls including Angel Falls Bridal Veil Falls, Niagara Falls and Victoria Falls. Other content includes River Cruises and famous landmarks
  • Greatest Photo Safari: Over 30 safari videos from Africa
  • Harbors and Ports: 30 videos from some of the busiest ports in the world including Los Angeles, Singapore and Shanghai
  • RV Road trips: Nearly 100 videos about the RV lifestyle including new models, RV Life and vehicle tours
  • Top Theme parks and Rides: Visit numerous theme parks including Disney Land, EPCOT, Disney Paris and Disney Magic Kingdom
  • Top World Castles: visit nearly 100 castles from around the world
  • Top World Museums: Nearly 100 videos featuring numerous museums and displays including the Egyptian Museum, The Pergamon in Berlin and the American Museum of natural history in NYC.
  • Top World Zoos: Videos from zoos including the San Diego Zoo, Bronx Zoo, the Columbus Zoo and the Cotswold Wildlife park
  • Travel: 100 videos featuring content from the above categories
  • World of Oceans: Nearly 100 videos about the ocean, its inhabitants and shipping disasters.

Below is one of the videos currently available on this channel.

-- Information is current as of April 5, 2019

Roku Channel Store Description: Travel Enthusiast TV - Aviation tours; famous places, rivers, waterfalls, and oceans; great safaris; top world castles, theme parks, rides, museums, and zoos; RV road trips; harbors and ports; and more travel scenes!

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