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TQ5 Taqvaylit TV

Quick Look: TQ5 Taqvaylit TV on Roku covers Kabylia economic, cultural, social, and political news. No content is available, however, until you login or create an account (email required). All content is in French.

-- Information is current as of August 24, 2018

Developer's Channel Description: A group of Kabyle activists committed to preserve and promote our ancestral identity and culture. We are 7 founders, from entirely different horizons and background from one another, but the common cause has brought us together within an ambitious project. With our tangible and intangible means and our individual and collective commitments we have undertaken the 100% Kabyle satellite television channel project. We are completely independent from political party or any other entity or organization. TQ5 Media is a privately owned Canadian company based in Montreal, Canada; TQ5TV is a satellite channel and a subsidiary of TQ5 Media. Our editorial policy consists of covering all Kabylia economic, cultural, social and political news.

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FEES: $8.99/month subscription

TQ5 Taqvaylit TV