Top-Secret Mission Movies

Quick Look: Top-Secret Mission Movies contains three vintage movie serials from the 1940s:

  • Junior G-Men - A 12-chapter 1940 serial that is a "pre-World War II G-Man story about fifth columnists in the United States, with the FBI joining forces with youth to save the country."
  • Holt of the Secret Service - A 15-chapter 1941 serial in which Agent Jack Holt and his female partner, Kay Drew, infiltrate and disrupt the operations of a gang of counterfeiters.
  • Don Winslow of the Navy - A 12-chapter 1942 serial about strange events on the Pacific island of Tangita where saboteurs and enemy agents destroy ships carrying supplies to the troops stationed in the islands.

Junior G-Men Chapter 1, - Enemies Within!, can be streamed below.

-- Information is current as of March 24, 2022

Developer's Channel Description: We all love adventures of secret agents and spy games, ask anyone. What’s in the spotlight? The mission, a very smart, experienced, and dauntless agent who will complete this mission whatever it takes. We’ve made a special trio of one of the best spy serials so that you could choose the most striking one or watch one by one and immerse yourself in the fantastic life of a skilled spy.

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DEVELOPER: Pharoscode

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