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Toon X T.V.

Quick Look: Toon X T.V. describes itself as "a platform that streams free adult animated sitcoms and content... It also serves as a platform for independent animators and content creators to get their content potentially watched by thousands."

The animation is very "rustic" and the story lines are for mature audiences only due to language and subject matter. The videos are very short, with most lasting less than 10 minutes each. Series titles include:

  • Petey & Pile - A cartoon sit-com about a man and his roommate who happens to be a giant pile of feces.
  • Krust Toons - A web comic/web series based on the day to day antics of the citizens of the music scene oriented town of Gutsville.
  • Meat Drawer - Need some positive affirmations to help brighten your day? Just open up your drawer of meat and hear what it has to say.

Other titles include Possum Holler, Pee Pop, Italian Shopkeeper, and Pet This. One of the videos available on Toon X T.V. can be streamed below.

-- Information is current as of April 21, 2021

Developer's Channel Description: Looking for a good laugh, tired of the [same old] stuff on other networks? Need a fresh breath of air? Late night cartoon binge? We got you... -Toon X T.V.

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