TNT RADIO on Roku provides a live stream of talk shows that cover "a wide range of topics including Climate Crisis, Pandemics, Covid19 Malfeasance, Big Tech Censorship, Digital Control, Government Tyranny, Corruption, Propaganda, Democracy." Although billed as talk radio, the TNR Radio Roku app provides a video feed of the shows, which include (descriptions adapted from those provided by TNT Radio):

  • The Johnny Vedmore Show - The show will look at the associations of those in the news, from Palestine to Ukraine, from Westminster to the White House, marrying deep research with current affairs. It will analyse the current news with deep context, informing the viewers of the little known allegiances of those who seek power and influence over our lives. The guests will help define and explain the many tentacles of the Establishment Octopus.
  • State of the Nation - Timothy Shea and Bryan McClain bring you today’s breaking news, current events and cultural issues from a simple, down to earth perspective.
  • Locked & Loaded with Rick Munn - Serving up a diet of current affairs with a healthy dose of salt and light. Promoting truth and exposing lies, global and local. Highlighting and discussing issues mainstream media are paid to ignore.
  • The David Kurten Show - A daily look at the latest in news, geopolitics and culture, and interviews with guests who are fighting back against the system.
  • The Vikki Campion Show - There is the fog of politics and there is understanding. Vikki campion tells you in plain english what is going on behind the scenes and in plain sight.
  • The Chris Smith Show - Chris will speak to the heavy hitters and newsmakers from Washington and New York, and London to Sydney, in search of the truth. He wants to speak to listeners most of all, as he gauges the world’s reaction to gross cancel culture, the addicted and misguided green religion and the political ins and outs across the various continents of the world. He’ll look inside the news, and tear out the salient pieces his listeners deserve to know.

A full list of TNT Radio shows can be found here. The live stream can also be seen below.

-- Information is current as of July 2, 2024

CHANNEL STORE DESCRIPTION: TNT Radio – Today's News Talk is a live 24 7 news talk station available globally. TNT Radio covers the biggest topics of our time. Get up to speed with the latest live news and current affairs presented by a host of credible and expert commentators.

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