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Timeless Reels

Quick Look: Timeless Reels is very similar to the Cinematic Treasures channel launched by the same developer just over a month ago. You'll find 13 vintage newsreels, public services announcements, and educational films. Titles include "Bacteria: Friend and Foe," "Wartime Nutrition," and "About Bananas."

The Cinematic Treasures channel store description promised daily updates of that channel, but the content is the same as it was several weeks ago. The Timeless Reels description also says there will be daily updates, but we're expecting that this channel won't be updated, either.

-- Information is current as of February 28, 2018

Developer's Channel Description: Timeless Reels brings a wonderful look into the historic cinematography of Hollywood's golden age. Get ready for a time traveling adventure and enjoy these black and white treasures depicting life and lifestyles of decades past. Our incredible videos are updated on a daily basis.

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DEVELOPER: Power Bomb Media

FEES: None