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Quick Look: THIRTEEN Explore is a Roku channel from THIRTEEN, the flagship public television station of the New York City tri-state area and the most-watched public television channel in the nation. The channel is mix of programming that includes popular PBS shows like Nature, American Masters, Great Performances, Cyberchase, and PBS NewsHour Weekend. THIRTEEN also produces a range of local programming, including Reel 13, an on-air, online film series; Treasures of New York, NYC-ARTS, a weekly showcase for the city’s cultural offerings, and MetroFocus, the multi-platform news magazine focusing on the New York region.

THIRTEEN Explore on Roku offers an abundance of PBS-based programming for both the kids and parents including Sesame Street, Frontline NOVA, Masterpiece, American Experience, Antiques Roadshow, plus many more. The channel is separated into a number of categories and the majority of the content is free. However, select videos require a membership. Once you have created your account you will need to link your Roku to your account, and follow the on screen instructions for access.

Programming categories include the following:

  • In Case You Missed it - Past episodes from popular programs
  • New York/Local - Local programming in the NYC area
  • Newsroom - Numerous news outlets
  • Arts & Entertainment - Concerts, Theatrical Performances, Galleries
  • Science & Nature - Educational programming
  • In the Kitchen - A variety of cooking shows
  • Digital Studios
  • Popular - Most popular programs found on this channel
  • Available programs - An alphabetical listing of 141 programs to choose from including Antiques Roadshow, Downton Abbey, Nova, Austin City Limits and more

-- Information is current as of December 2, 2016

Developer's Channel Description: It’s now even easier to stay connected to THIRTEEN. Watch acclaimed programs whenever you want via the streaming video device that connects to your television. New shows are added daily. Take some time to see what the channel has to offer.

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FEES: Most content is free; certain videos require a THIRTEEN membership

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