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Quick Look: TheLifeOfJord is your typical travel channel offering a variety of available activities, dining and hotel recommendations. The one distinct difference is this channel's content is filmed predominately in Indonesia. There are 22 video categories with destinations that include:

  • Bali
  • Oslob
  • Lombok
  • bohol
  • Kuta
  • Ubud

The remainder of the categories contain a large overlap of content that feature various activities both above and below sea level, dining and travel tips.

Below is an example video from the TheLifeOfJord Roku channel.

-- Information is current as of April 13, 2017

Developer's Channel Description: "My name is Jordan Simons and my mission is to show you how to travel the world continuously. I have done some amazing things and met some incredible people, all because I decided to make an unconventional choice and want to show you first-hand how easy it is to travel the world on a budget

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DEVELOPER: Future Today Inc

FEES: None

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