The Ultimate Yogi

Quick Look: The Ultimate Yogi is a 108-day mental and physical journey to a better you through yoga. The channel contains weekly classes led by Travis Eliot that promise to gradually strengthen and condition you to reduce stress, increase flexibility, improve balance, strengthen & lengthen, create weight loss and muscle growth, improve focus and concentration, and detoxify.

Below are the class guidelines and goals for this program as found on The Ultimate Yogi website:

  • 14 x 60-MINUTE THEMATIC CLASSES - Practices include Cross-train, Cardio, Strength, Flexibility, Balance, Detox, Vitality, Hardcore, Yin, Gentle, Mountain Pose, Pranayama, Meditation & Sun Salutations
  • PROGRAM GUIDE - A complete class-by-class summary of the Ultimate Yogi 108-day program.
  • 108-DAY PROGRAM CALENDAR - The Program Calendar will guide you through the entire program on a day by day basis.
  • COMMON SENSE FOOD GUIDELINE - Natural unprocessed foods are part of the Ultimate Yogi lifestyle. Every 36 days you are encouraged to participate in a 3-day cleanse including vegan, raw food and juice feast.
  • TRACK YOUR PROGRESS - Take your before and after pictures to track your progress and we guarantee on day 108 you won’t be disappointment.
  • Plus several bonuses.

Each segment is broken down into 7-day increments in which you have free access to two videos per segment, which translates into 30 free videos from this challenge.

The UDAYA Yoga & Fitness YouTube channel is the creator of this program and provides an introductory video for this channel which you can find below.

-- Information is current as of November 30, 2021

Developer's Channel Description: The Ultimate Yogi is the most comprehensive yoga program on the market. Renowned yoga instructor, Travis Eliot will take you to your physical limits and beyond on this 108-Day Journey. Are you ready?

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DEVELOPER: UDAYA Entertainment

FEES: $18.99/month or $90 for six months; 14-Day free trial