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The Tao of David

Quick Look: The Tao of David is a travel vlog from YouTube describing a journey and experiences while traveling from Japan to Mexico. Content includes things to do in Havana, travel in the Yucatan Peninsula, and visiting the Mayan pyramids. There are not that many videos (just 11 in all) considering that the trip is over 7000 miles long and David has been traveling for two years. However, you can find much more content on the The Tao of David YouTube channel, including the video below

-- Information is current as of November 16, 2018

Roku Channel Store Description: This channel follows my journey, path, route, way (Tao) from Japan, to Mexico, to Kyrgyzstan, to Indonesia to more in an honest and realistic way with no sugar-coating. At times I can be brutally honest and sarcastic, sometimes I can be overly emotional! So if you want to see a REAL perspective of long term travel and working online, my channel could be for you!

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