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The Portland Feed

Quick Look: The Portland Feed contains videos that are specific to the Oregon city, whether it was produced there or is information pertaining to the city itself. There are numerous categories of local interest available:

  • News items - Local hot topic issues
  • Local Features - Where to eat, sleep and play
  • Sports - Local high school games
  • Northwest Reports - Investigative Reporting
  • Movies mad in and around Portland - A collection of films that have been produced in the Portland area (it's more than you think)
  • Historic Clips - News clips and stories from Portland's past
  • Music Videos - Videos from local, yet to be discovered, talent
  • Music Concerts - One video from the band Good Friday
  • Travel - key points of interest within the state of Oregon
  • What you didn't learn in school - Lectures at local schools and universities

Below is an video from this channel.

-- Information is current as of November 30, 2018

Roku Channel Store Description: Unique retro and contemporary programming that celebrates the city of Portland, Oregon and the community feel that television once had before the concentration of media ownership.
We feature local specials, actual investigative journalism, music videos, original movies, local sports, educational presentations and more!

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