The Name Game

Quick Look: The Name Game is a Roku game with a simple premise: You are given a name of a famous person or thing and your team has a set amount of time to guess the identity based on clues.

The game is free to load on your Roku, after which you will be shown a promotional video for the game. To play, you will need to click the "Subscribe Now" button shown on the screen after the video plays. That screen says that there is a 30-day free trial, but when you click the subscribe button the system says that $9.99 will be charged to your Roku account. We assume this is a monthly subscription, but that is never stated anywhere.

After subscribing, to play the game you must go to Joinup.TV and enter the Room Code provided on the game screen. The game then begins and you need to give clues to describe the person or item without using any language, terms or phrases that would blatantly give it away. For example, if the word to guess is "Fireman" you cannot use the word "Fire" or "Man" to describe it, but terms like hydrant, hose, ladder and truck are acceptable. If you are having trouble coming up with successful clues you can pass to the next word. If you and your team successfully guess the word click next for the next word. Each player or clue giver will need to have a smartphone in order to participate.

Several screenshots are shown below.

Note: The channel says there is a 30 day FREE TRIAL, however clicking on the subscribe tab requires you to pay $9.99 without any mention of a Free 30 day trial offer.

-- Information is current as of February 22, 2017

Developer's Channel Description: Welcome to The Name Game! The most frantic party game on your TV. Guess the names of famous celebrities and characters and beat the clock to score points for your team. 4- 12 players.

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DEVELOPER: Three Digital Software Trading LLC

FEES: $9.99 per month subscription

JoinUp TV Website
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