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The Lost City Chapters

Quick Look: The Lost City Chapters contains all 12 chapters of The Lost City, a science fiction movie serial that was released in 1935. The story line revolves around a scientist named Bruce Gordon in search of the evil Zolok who has created a machine that causes natural disasters. Along the way Bruce Gordon runs into any number of roadblocks he must overcome to stop Zolok and save the planet.

The first chapter of this serial can be seen below.

-- Information is current as of December 12, 2018

Roku Channel Store Description: If you keen on bizarre stories, you just have to see this multi-chapter sci-fi serial. Meet mad scientist Dr. Zolok, his charming daughter, and the enthusiastic researcher Buck Gordon. The story is set somewhere far away in a fictional country in Central Africa which is a perfect place to implement doctor’s diabolic plans of taking over the whole world. Although his evil ideas are quite trivial they can be turned into reality as Zolok has already invented the wondrous machine and can destroy anything with electric impulses.

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