The Jurassic Breakout Game

Quick Look: The Jurassic Breakout Game is a dinosaur-themed version of the classic video game Breakout, containing 20 levels of play. The premise of the game is simple: Breakout all of the different colored coins without letting the ball hit the ground. You move the paddle with the left and right arrows on your remote to keep the ball in motion. Knock out the coins with the ball to receive points (different coins have different values). There are 3 types of coins: Regular (hit once to break), Black (cannot be broken), and Double Coin (hit twice to break).

You are awarded 3 lives to start the game and complete all 20 levels. Some of the coins contain bonuses that make your paddle bigger or smaller, shoot missiles, or earn an extra life, plus several more. As the game progresses, each level becomes increasingly more difficult. Screenshots of the game can be seen below.

-- Information is current as of October 8, 2020

Developer's Channel Description: Let’s get prehistoric with our beloved classics! Make sure you don’t drop the ball, or you may end-up inside a volcano, or between a T-Rex’s teeth!

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