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The Fantasy Network

Quick Look: The Fantasy Network is a collection of independent productions in either cinema or television whose content falls into the SciFi/Fantasy genre. The channel is subscription-based, but there are some free full-length movies and shows available. You can also browse the entire library of content prior to subscribing.

The channel currently offers 21 movies and 14 series, although the channel menu attempts to make it look like you're signing up for much more: The same 21 movies are listed under both "Movies" and "Feature Films;" likewise, the categories "Series" and "Episodic (Series)" both have the same 14 titles listed. And all content is again shown by studio: Arrowstorm Entertainment, Zombie Orpheus Entertainment, and The Forge Studios.

-- Information is current as of June 8, 2018

Developer's Channel Description: Stream your favorite independent film and television—with new content being produced and added every month—featuring cult hits like The Gamers: Dorkness Rising, the Mythica series, JourneyQuest, The Rangers, Standard Action, AFK, One Hit Die, Rocketmen, and many more.

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DEVELOPER:Zombie Orpheus Entertainment LLC

FEES: Some content is free; full access for $4.99/month or $40.99/year subscription after a 7-day free trial


The Fantasy Network on Roku
The Fantasy Network on Roku
The Fantasy Network on Roku