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The Beach Show Florida

Quick Look: The Beach Show Florida lists 99 videos featuring properties for sale in Panama Beach, Florida, and the surrounding communities. However, the business model here seems to be making money on advertising, not real estate.

When I tried to watch the first video I sat through seven (yes, seven) pre-roll ads. After seeing what was listed as Ad #7 of 7, two more ads came on. There was some hope of real content when the title of the selected video showed on the screen, but then the channel jumped right back into another commercial. At that point, I jumped ship and exited the channel.

Okay, maybe just a glitch? I reloaded the channel hoping for a better experience. I finally got to see a real video, but only after four pre-roll ads. The actual video was only 4 minutes long - less than the amount of time invested in watching ads - and consisted of agents from Beachy Beach Real Estate giving video tours of homes for sale.. followed by more ads.

Even if you're willing to deal with the relentless commercials, there is virtually no way to find which of the 99 videos are of interest without sitting through every one. All 99 videos are in a single row, with only the first few characters of a video title visible and no video summary. The vast majority of videos show only "The Beach Sh..." as a title, with no summary. Other titles include "Give Big, Live ...", "Beach-Cation...", and "New Construc..."

There are better ways to shop for real estate, folks.

-- Information is current as of May 22, 2018

Developer's Channel Description: The Beach Show. A weekly show dedicated to the beach life of the Emerald Coast Florida. Join Karen, Britt and other show hosts on their journey around the coast. Beachy is a Way of Life. Bringing families and the beach together Beachy is a Way of Life. Bringing families and the beach together

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The Beach Show Florida on Roku
The Beach Show Florida on Roku