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TG Español is the Spanish-language version of Toon Goggles, with "100% Kid-Safe and parent friendly" cartoons, including popular shows and characters like Talking Tom Heroes, Sunny Bunnies, Gummy Bear and Friends, Om Nom Stories, Angry Birds, Elvis & Benny, and many more. It appears, however, that only three cartoons are available in Spanish (descriptions courtesy of the respective series):

  • BFF - "The cheerful, sweet and adorable protagonists of Cry Babies Magic Tears are now empowered and confident young girls. They retain the innocence and charm that characterized them and keep the memories of the main characters, Lady, Dreamy, Jenna, Coney, Lala, Phoebe, Stella, Daisy, Ella and Kristal. These talented young women will now fight to preserve their friendship against all odds, becoming Best Friends Forever."
  • VIP Pets - "Enjoy the adventures of your new favorite friends: the VIP Pets! The coolest little dogs with a passion for hairstyles! Join them to live thousands of adventures together: going to concerts, skateboarding, seeing exhibitions and many other surprises await you in the world of VIP Pets. Together you can also visit Fabio & Fabia's hairdresser for an exciting change of look: new hair, what a style! Enjoy your friends the VIP Pets and don't forget that we are always unstoppable together!"
  • Peztronauta - The series tells the story of a fish in a spacesuit, similar to reverse scuba gear, which allows him to fly and breathe out of water.

In addition to on-demand access to these cartoons, you'll find the following live streams (canales en vivo) available: Toon Goggles en Español, Pitufos TV, Angry Birds, and Om Nom TV.

One of the videos available on this channel can be seen below.

-- Information is current as of March 24, 2023

CHANNEL STORE DESCRIPTION: Toon Goggles has thousands of cartoons and live-action videos that are 100% Kid-Safe and parent friendly. We have content from your favorites including Talking Tom and Friends, Angry Birds, Om Nom, Gummy Bears, Roblox, Minecraft, and more. Toon Goggles brings a hybrid experience mixing in live channels that allow you to sit back or channel flip, or continue to explore our library of on-demand content. With all forms of content ranging from short form videos to feature films and everything in between, you can always find something to enjoy!

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