Text Adventures

Quick Look: Text Adventures is a collection of three classic 1970s text adventure games. Like the original games, which were DOS-based, there are no graphics, only written instructions.

The following game titles are included:

  • Colossal Cave - Explore a cave to find treasure
  • Worlds Edge - Fly to and alien planet to discover a way to save Earth
  • Dog Star - Escape an enemy starbase with the means to destroy them

Each game provides a set of instructions or guidelines on how to play the game. When you start a game you are given a scenario and several options; choose one of the options and, depending on your choice, other options become available.

Although the video below from "The Big Bang Theory" has nothing to do with this channel, the game being played by Sheldon is an example of a similar text-based game:

-- Information is current as of March 28, 2017

Developer's Channel Description: 3 Classic text adventure games from the 70's. Explore a cave to find treasure, Fly to and alien planet to discover away to save Earth, and escape an enemy starbase with the means to destroy them. There are many puzzles to solve in these old adventures. These are modified to be played with menus so that you will not have to type using the onscreen keyboard. Ad supported.

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DEVELOPER: Matt Moores

FEES: None