Quick Look: TeshTv provides inspirational healing and motivational videos hosted by pianist and composer John Tesh; his wife and actress, producer, and former model Connie Sellecca; and Sellecca's son Gib Gerard. TeshTV subscribers have access to hundreds of videos under the following topics:

  • Daily Motivation for Greatness
  • Worship Music
  • John Tesh & Gib Gerard 'Life Hacks'
  • How to Cure your Anxiety and Stress
  • Power Tips for Pet Parents - Subcategories are Impress Your Friends with Random Pet Facts, Dogs, and Cats
  • How to Achieve Massive Happiness in your Life - Subcategories are How to Produce Instant Happiness and The Power of Positivity
  • How you can have more Focus, Productivity & Creativity - Subcategories are Productivity, How to be More Creative, and Power Tips for Massive Focus
  • How to Achieve Massive Success - Subcategories are Workplace Intel, Money & Finances, and Interview Intel

You can browse all content on the TeshTV Roku channel before subscribing, but only a few videos are unlocked until you subscribe. Although you can subscribe through the Roku channel, the only option is $299.99 per year. If you subscribe through the TeshTV website, it will cost you only $4 per month. You can then activate the Roku channel by going to Settings >> Log in from the channel's home screen, then you will have the option to log in with your email address and account password, or you can go to www.myteshtv.com/activate and enter the code shown on the TV screen.

The TeshTv YouTube channel offers abbreviated versions of the content found on the Roku channel; one of those videos can be streamed below.

-- Information is current as of March 23, 2022

Developer's Channel Description: Experience the power of motivational videos and proven life hacks for more Willpower, Mental Toughness and Self Control when you develop the WARRIOR MINDSET! John Tesh's 'WARRIOR' 24/7 live streaming platform takes you inside the strategies and motivation of extreme success stories. John calls on his 48 years of award winning experience in the world of television, radio & music during life coaching sessions, demonstrating how you can incorporate winning strategies for unstoppable success in your own life.

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FEES: $4/month through the TeshTV website, or $299.99/year through the TeshTV Roku channel