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T Channel

Quick Look: T Channel is a collection of films with a heavy emphasis on Asian titles, most of which contain English subtitles. Although the channel doesn't meet the Roku Channel Store description of having "tens of millions of movies, TV series, [and] live video resources," it does offer a substantial amount of content in the following genres:

  • Action - A variety of action films in the following sub-genres: Comedy, Adventure, Martial Arts, Thriller
  • Animation - Animated shows and movies for kids of all ages. The category is divided up into the following sub-genres: Kids & Family, Adventure, Comedy, Action
  • Romance - A variety of romance films and shows in the following sub-genres: Comedy, Drama, Korean, Arthouse
  • Sci-Fi - A variety of Sci-fi films and shows in the following sub-genres: Drama, Comedy, Action, Thriller

None of the titles found on this channel appear to be mainstream movies.

When launching the cannel, you will be prompted to "sign up" or "sign in." The sign up function stalled the channel when we attempted it, but you can also skip these options by selecting the "skip" option in the upper left corner of the screen.

-- Information is current as of January 8, 2020

Roku Channel Store Description: T-Channel is a free online viewing channel that provides tens of millions of movies, TV series, live video resources, so you will not be bored. Has a subversive universe design concept, let you feel a different film and television exploration experience!

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